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Graduate Studies Support Program

Excellent training for all doctoral candidates of the Alliance partners

The goal of the Berlin University Alliance is to improve the conditions for all doctoral candidates of the four partner institutions. One of the key elements of successful early-career support is a rich portfolio of skills and career development training as well as advisory services.

The Berlin University Alliance offers a comprehensive qualification program reflecting the different phases of a doctorate, consisting of five core events and a broad selection of workshops as well as coaching and mentoring services.

Core events:

  • a joint retreat for new doctoral candidates providing information and tools for a successful start into the doctorate
  • a conference on good research and research integrity presenting the rules and principles of good scientific practice, and discussing issues of ethical responsibility and the importance of reproducibility of research results
  • a writing week supporting doctoral candidates in structuring the writing process, counteracting writer's block and promoting their publication competencies
  • a blended-learning event on mental health/resilience covering strategies to strengthen the (mental) stamina and resistance in crisis situations
  • a career day offering insights into career paths within and outside of universities, also stimulating reflection on one's own career after the doctorate.

Additional offers:

In addition to these core events, the member institutions offer further workshops, coaching, and mentoring for all doctoral candidates of the partner institutions of the Berlin University Alliance. Participants will improve their presentation skills, learn about event management and networking, or be trained to integrate techniques for writing or mental health promotion into their daily work routine. The activities will also help to develop an understanding of research integrity for one's own specific discipline. They will eventually make doctoral candidates more successful in their academic careers.

For more detailed information on the program and further events, please contact the member institutions: