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Flexible Funds

Call for 2023 closed

The Oxford Berlin Research Partnership has set itself the goal of strengthening mobility and extended networking between the locations. This way funds can be provided at short notice in the context of the partnership in order to support the initiation of new or the continuation and strengthening of existing collaborations and research projects. Funding is awarded on a low-threshold basis on the recommendations of the Academic Directors and members of the Academic Liaison Committee.

Funds are to be allocated mainly to cover travel and accommodation expenses as well as the costs of holding workshops, smaller services (e.g. translation activities), and other similar activities. Funds are awarded through the individual BUA institutions and the University of Oxford on the basis of a short application. 


Please briefly address the following questions and aspects in your application.

What specific measures and projects are to be implemented?

What objective do you want to pursue with these activities (e.g. acquisition of third-party funding, joint publications, fieldwork, supporting students, etc.)?

What specific benefits do you envisage from the activity for your own research area and the OX/BER Research Partnership?


Candidates can apply for a minimum of 5,000 euros and a maximum of 10,000 euros in funding. Travel and accommodation expenses are calculated on the basis of the German Federal Travel Expenses Act. The allotted funds are budgetary funds. These amounts are earmarked for a specific purpose and are to be used exclusively for material costs based on the funded financial plan and submitted application. Funds are managed at your home institution and applications can only be submitted through this institution. You will receive more detailed information about the management of funds following grant by your designated institution.

Who is eligible to apply:

Professors from the Berlin University Alliance, postdocs, and doctoral candidates from the Berlin University Alliance.

We will respond to you by email once your application has been reviewed.
A summary report must be submitted after the cooperation activities. A corresponding form will be provided upon grant.

Do not hesitate to contact us at oxber@berlin-university-alliance.de if you have any queries.