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Flexible Funds

Call opens: 26 February 2024

Submission of applications by 20 March 2024

Implementation period: 1 May 2024 to 30 November 2024

The Oxford Berlin Research Partnership aims to further mobility and connection between Oxford and Berlin. The partnership and BR50 will make available funds to promote the initiation of new or the continuation of existing collaborations and research projects. Funding is awarded on a low-threshold basis on the recommendation of the Academic Directors and the members of the Academic Liaison Committee, following the evaluation of the short applications.

The funds are primarily intended to cover costs for travel, accommodation, the organisation of workshops, smaller-scale commissioned work (such as translation work) and comparable activities. The funds are awarded via the individual BUA partners or respective BR50 institutions.

For the first time, members of the BR50 institutions are also eligible to apply in this round.


You will find the application forms at the bottom of this page in the download section.

Please briefly address the following questions and aspects in your application:

What specific measures and projects will be carried out? What is the aim of the activities (e.g. acquisition of third-party funding, joint publications or field research, supervision of students, etc.)?

What specific benefits do you expect from the activity for your own research area and for academic cooperation between Berlin and Oxford?

Note for applicants from BR50: Please use the appropriate form.

Available funding

The maximum funding amount is EUR 3,500 per application. You can apply for up to EUR 5,000 if your project involves at least two BUA institutions. Travel and accommodation costs are calculated on the basis of the German Federal Travel Expenses Act. The approved funds are budgetary funds. They are earmarked and are to be used exclusively for material costs (i.e. not staffing costs) in accordance with the budget plan and the submitted application. The funds will be managed by your home institution. You will receive more detailed information on the management of the funds after approval with the funding notice.

The same amounts of funding apply to applications from non-university research institutes of the BR50. Researchers from these institutions can apply without affiliation to BUA provided they have the approval from the head of their institute (cf. BR50 application form for details).

Who is eligible to apply?

Professors, post-docs and doctoral candidates of the Berlin University Alliance and the BR50 institutes.

You must have a cost center that you can use to manage the funds.

After your application has been reviewed, you will receive feedback from us by e-mail.

A short report must be submitted after the cooperation activities. We will send you an online form for this purpose.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at oxber@berlin-university-alliance.de.

Members of the BR50 institutes should first contact Anja Sommerfeld with any queries: sommerfeld@fv-berlin.de

Please send complete applications by 20 March 2024 to oxber@berlin-university-alliance.de (BR50 members please also copy Anja Sommerfeld: sommerfeld@fv-berlin.de).

You will receive the results of your application by the end of April at the latest.

What criteria are evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated by the selection committee according to the following criteria:

1. clear description of the joint project/research question

2. added value of the collaboration between Berlin and Oxford

3. potential for further collaboration and acquisition of third-party funding

4. experience and composition of the PIs/teams

5. diversity of the teams and topics