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International Network for Collective Intelligences in Latin America and the Caribbean (INCI)


Applicants: Prof. Dr. Martin Voss (Freie Universität Berlin), Dr. Vincente Sandoval (Freie Universität Berlin), Prof. Dr. Jacob van Rijs (Technische Universität Berlin), Dipl.-Ing. Ruben Jodar (Technische Universität Berlin)

Project partner:
Juan Dafydd Jones Alenar (ZOOHAUS, Npo, Spain)
Nguyen Rodríguez Barrera (FAC, Cultural Institution, Cuba)
Juan Chacón (ZULOARK, Architects, Germany)
Christina Serifi (TIRILAB, Research Education, Greece)

With a common agenda on "sustainable building" according to the "Inteligencias Colectivas" method, Cuba's traditional, more climate-positive, non-standardized building and craft techniques are collected and made digitally accessible as "open code". Disaster-proof and resource-saving alternatives are developed, digitally modeled, built as prototypes and made available to the local community. The rediscovery of these techniques should address the sustainability goals in architecture in general and create an opportunity for development and environmental policy in Cuba's new opening policy.