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The Berlin University Alliance is composed of four institutions: Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. They signed a cooperation agreement in 2018 in order to be able to implement their joint projects.

Board of Directors

The Berlin University Alliance and the implementation of the jointly submitted proposal “Crossing Boundaries toward an Integrated Research Environment” within the Excellence Strategy is steered by a Board of Directors made up of the heads of the participating institutions.

  • Prof. Dr. Günter M. Ziegler, President of Freie Universität Berlin and spokesperson for the Berlin University Alliance
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. Sabine Kunst, President of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen, President of Technische Universität Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Heyo K. Kroemer, Chief Executive Officer of Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Steering committees with scholars from the participating institutions are responsible for implementing the five common goals and the three overarching topics set out in the proposal. The current members can be found in the respective objective or cross-cutting theme.

Administrative Office

The Administrative Office of the Berlin University Alliance is responsible for the overall project management of the alliance. It coordinates the implementation of the planned projects with regard to the goals of the alliance and, in particular, supports the boards and committees.

Sabine Meurer, Managing Director
Tel.: +49 151-553 553 65
Email: sabine.meurer@berlin-university-alliance.de

Christina Camier, Head of Press and Communications
Tel.: +49 170-590 06 21
Email: christina.camier@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Nancy Wegner, Project Manager
Tel.: +49 151-221 610 52
Email: nancy.wegner@berlin-university-alliance.de

Oliver Gärner, Pogram Manager Strategic Financial Controlling
Email: oliver.gaerner@berlin-university-alliance.de

Katharina Kinga Kowalski, Coordinator Cross-Cutting Themes Diversity and Gender Equality, Teaching and Learning and Internationalization
Email: katharina.kowalski@berlin-university-alliance.de

Marina Kosmalla, Editor
Tel.: +49 30 838-731 98
Email: marina.kosmalla@berlin-university-alliance.de

Ulla Menke, Social Media Manager
E-Mail: ulla.menke@tu-berlin.de

Administrative Units

Objective 1: Focusing on Grand Challenges

Dr. Claudia Wiedner, Head of Office for Grand Challenge Initiatives
Tel.: +49 151-283 061 53
Email: claudia.wiedner@berlin-university-alliance.de

Christian Richter, Scientific Coordinator Social Cohesion
Tel.: +49 30 838-69746
Email: christian.richter@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Dr. Julia Wolanski, Scientific Coordinator Global Health
Tel.: +49 30 450-572114
Email: julia.wolanski@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Objective 2: Fostering Knowledge Exchange

Nadin Gaasch, Program Manager Research Foren
Email: nadin.gaasch@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Fabian Kruse, Program Manager Knowledge Exchange / Science Communication
Email: fabian.kruse@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Gregor Walter-Drop, Program Manager Knowledge Exchange / Politics)
Email: gregor.walter@berlin-university-alliance.de

Objective 3: Advancing Research Quality and Value

Dr. Sybille Hinze, Head of Center for Open and Responsible Research (CORe)
Email: sybille.hinze@berlin-university-alliance.de

Nele Albrecht, Scientific Coordinator Research Quality
Email: nele.albrecht@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Stefan Skupien, Scientific Coordinator Open Science
Email: stefan.skupien@berlin-university-alliance.de

Objective 4: Promoting Talent

Dr. Julia Härder, Head of Team Promoting Talent
Tel.: +49 (0)160-931 55 700
Email: julia.haerder@berlin-university-alliance.de

Verena Neumann, Program Manager Promoting Talent
Tel.: +49 30 838-69677
Email: verena.neumann@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Objective 5: Sharing Resources

Dr. Dominika Dolzycka, Program Manager Sharing Ressources
Tel.: +49 175-5390 782

Email: dominika.dolzycka@charite.de

Cross-Cutting Theme: Diversity and Gender Equality

Katharina Kinga Kowalski, Coordinator Cross-Cutting Themes Diversity and Gender Equality, Teaching and Learning and Internationalization
Email: katharina.kowalski@berlin-university-alliance.de

Cross-Cutting Theme: Teaching and Learning

Dr. Nina Lorkowski, Program Manager Berlin Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx)
Email: nina.lorkowski@berlin-university-alliance.de

Julia Rueß, Program Manager Berlin Student Research Opportunities Programx (StuROPx)
Email: julia.ruess@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Cross-Cutting Theme: Internationalization

Dr. Angelika Wilhelm-Rechmann, Policy and Liaison Officer for the Berlin University Alliance
Tel. (currently): +49 160-99 14 37 03
Email: angelika.wilhelm@berlin-university-alliance.de

Anna V. Cramme, Oxford/Berlin Cooperation Coordinator
Tel.: +49 30 450-580 105
Email: anna.cramme@charite.de

Dr. Romain Faure, Coordinator Berlin Center for Global Engagement (BCGE)
Tel.: +49 30 838-50813
Email: romain.faure@berlin-university-alliance.de

Dr. Sarah Wessel, Program Manager Berlin Center for Global Engagement (BCGE)
Tel.: +49 30 838-69750
Email: sarah.wessel@fu-berlin.de

Anna Lebed, Event Management BCGE
Email: anna.lebed@berlin-university-alliance.de

Aleksandra Laski, Strategic Partnership Manager Melbourne/Berlin and Singapore/Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 2093-20084
Email: aleksandra.laski@berlin-university-alliance.de 

Units and Departments of the Member Institutions

Freie Universität Berlin

Division VI: Research / FU-BUA: Berlin University Alliance

Ulrich Rössler, Division Head
Tel.: +49 30 838-736 00
Email: ulrich.roessler@fu-berlin.de

Dr. Nina Diezemann, Editor
Tel.: +49 30 838-731 90
Email: nina.diezemann@fu-berlin.de

Franziska Schaar, Program Manager
Tel.: +49 30 838-649 04
Email: franziska.schaar@fu-berlin.de


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Strategic Planning Office (PB3)

Anne Ziemke, Deputy Head of Office
Tel.: +49 30 2093-20079
Email: anne.ziemke@uv.hu-berlin.de

Dr. Iris Cseke, Strategy Officer
Tel.: +49 30 2093-20073
Email: iris.cseke@uv.hu-berlin.de 

Dörte Starke, Finance Controller
Tel.: +49 30 2093-20072
Email: doerte.starke@hu-berlin.de


Technische Universität Berlin

Task Force Excellence Strategy

Veronique Riedel, Director of the unit
Tel.: +49 30 314-22438
Email: veronique.riedel@tu-berlin.de

Franca Eberwein, Project coordination finances/staff
Tel.: +49 30 314-29904
Email: franca.eberwein@tu-berlin.de


Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Administrative Office for the Berlin University Alliance

Dr. Sophia Baur, Head of Administrative Office for the Berlin University Alliance
on parental leave
Tel.: +49 30 450-570 004
Email: sophia.baur@charite.de

Dr. Nina Fechler, Head of Administrative Office for the Berlin University Alliance
Tel.: +49 30 450-576 093
Email: nina.fechler@charite.de

Dr. Juliane Klein, Project Manager for the Berlin University Alliance
Email: juliane.klein@charite.de