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Head Office and Staff Unit

Head Office of the Berlin University Alliance is responsible for the overall project management of the alliance. It coordinates the implementation of the planned projects with regard to the goals of the alliance and, in particular, supports the boards and committees.

Managing Director

Alexandra-Gwyn Paetz, Managing Director
Tel.: +49 30 838-603 66
Email: management@berlin-university-alliance.de

Mandy Engel-Herbert, Executive Assistant of Managing Director
Tel.: +49 30 838-641 22
E-Mail: mandy.engel-herbert@berlin-university-alliance.de

Staff Unit

An Management Unit is assigned to each objective; the CCTs dispose of a comprehensive coordination. Management Units and CCT Coordination are both responsible for the conception and coordination as well as the administrative and operational implementation of the measures and projects. They work closely with the respective Steering Committee and support it and the partner institutions in implementing the measures and projects.

Management Units