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Real Science, Real Talk: Wissenschaft zu Klima und Corona (Research on Climate and Corona)

“Corona schafft Platz fürs Fahrrad / Klima & Mobilität” (Corona creates space for cycling / climate & mobility), Prof. Dr. Sophia Becker, Technische Universität Berlin

18 Experts from the Deutsche Klima-Konsortium (DKK) (German Climate Consortium) reflect on their findings from climate research during the corona pandemic in a video series in flash. Prof. Dr. Sophia Becker, head of the Department of Sustainable Mobility and Transdisciplinary Research Methods at Technische Universität Berlin, is also involved. Under the title “Corona creates space for cycling / climate & mobility”, she addresses the question of how corona has changed individual mobility behavior and how the different cities are responding to this development.

Fewer emissions, changing mobility, and political crisis management – for climate research, the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic provided the opportunity to collect and analyze new data. 18 researchers from DKK member institutions examined the significance of these changes for climate change and climate policy. In the new video series "Real Science, Real Talk – Research on Climate and Corona" they report on their observations and assessments.

Prof. Dr. Sophia Becker is professor for “Sustainable Mobility and Transdisciplinary Research Methods" at Technische Universität Berlin. She is the leader of the interdisciplinary Junior Research Group "The Transport Transition as a Socio-ecological Real-World-Experiment” (EXPERI). The EXPERI group is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is a joint project of Technische Universität Berlin, the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam, and the DLR Institute of Transport Research Berlin.