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Anglo-German research gets huge boost: two million euro for a new strategic fellowship programme

University of Oxford, the Berlin University Alliance and the Einstein Foundation have invested 2m€ in a new fellowship programme to deepen academic links across the Channel. The focus is on two of the biggest challenges of our time: global health and social cohesion.

News from Feb 01, 2023

The “Einstein BUA/Oxford Visiting Fellow” programme will allow top Oxford researchers to bed into the Berlin research landscape over a period of three years. The Fellows will work closely with their German academic counterparts, build working groups and employ post-doctoral students.

The first four Fellows – Peter Rothwell, Tarik Abou-Chadi, Stefano Evangelista and Karen Leeder – cover a wide range of themes: stroke and dementia prevention,  research on democracy and political parties, a sweeping re-evaluation of German culture and poetry, and a 20th century literary investigation into cosmopolitanism.

The new fellowships recognize the need to go beyond short-term academic exchanges and will support researcher and graduate students to cross disciplines and open up new theoretical and methodological perspectives.