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Berlin’s higher education institutions minimizing operations

To contain the spread of the novel coronavirus the academic institutions in Berlin have decided to restrict their research operations – except for research on the virus

News from Mar 17, 2020

The Berlin University Aliance’s members are gradually reducing their research operations. Researchers have been asked to shut down laboratories or technical facilities, to prepare for complete decommissioning, and to take the appropriate measures to monitor their facilities and provide maintenance for them remotely. Employees also need to ensure that lab animals are properly cared for.

Working in open space offices should be avoided. Employees who can work from home for their administrative units should do so. The universities want to help their employees limit social contact to a minimum to avoid spreading the coronavirus. Parents can take time off work to look after their children at home.

Many buildings are closed to the public. So the buildings of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Technische Universität Berlin are closed until further notice. Security personnel will be patrolling the buildings.

Last week, classes that require classroom attendance were canceled for the rest of the term. The start of the summer semester has also been postponed until April 20, 2020 at the earliest. No in-person examinations will be taking place until further notice. Assessments will need to be done in a different format or at a later point in time. The universities are working to create online formats and other creative opportunities to keep teaching in the summer semester to the extent necessary.

Scientists who are researching the coronavirus and its spread, for example at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, can continue to work.

The Berlin University Alliance’s members are providing up-to-date information on their websites