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To feed or not to feed, estimating the nutritional value of alternative feedstuff and by-products within an in vitro digestion model

Johannes Schulze Holthausen, Eva-Maria Saliu, Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Nutrition (WE04)

As part of the X-Student Research Group, we aim to address the general question of whether it is possible to develop a tailored in vitro digestion protocol for determining starch digestion. This protocol will enable us to estimate the nutritional value of plant products and by-products for animal nutrition. Students will work on the in vitro digestion protocol and contribute to its improvement. They will track starch digestion in various phases (oral, gastric, intestinal) to assess the morphology of starch granules from different digested products in different digestion phases. In the end, they will identify which products are suitable for sustainable animal nutrition. Participation is open to veterinary medicine students at FU Berlin who are in their 5th semester or higher. To participate in the research project, students must have a basic understanding of animal nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology.