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Berlin Wild Foods: Foraging, Cultivating, and Cooking Mushrooms

Martin Schlecht, Technical University of Berlin, Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences, Vocational Education and Work Studies

This seminar is divided into three thematic areas: Foraging and Identifying Mushrooms: Depending on the weather, we will embark on several excursions into the forests of Berlin and Brandenburg. The goal is to also connect these excursions with significant places in Berlin's history. Cultivating Mushrooms: Learning and experimenting with practical aspects of mushroom cultivation, including the types that can be grown. Cooking Mushrooms: We will experiment with mushrooms in the teaching kitchen, discussing the question of whether mushrooms can replace CO2-intensive foods and, of course, evaluating their taste. This seminar is open not only to students in vocational education programs but also to individuals from Berlin universities, especially those studying in fields like food economics, biology, and nutrition. The seminar is conducted in block sessions with excursions, and the exact dates will be announced later. The dates are subject to change based on the weather, so participation requires some flexibility. The seminar can be taken in both German and English.