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Fix the Institution, not the Excluded!

How can diversity policies and anti-discrimination work at universities be designed with a critical, collaborative, and knowledge-based approach?

The universities in Berlin are required to develop a concept for anti-discrimination and diversity, identify the causes of disadvantage, and design and implement measures to eliminate individual as well as structural barriers. Furthermore, the establishment of an advisory and complaints office, as well as the appointment of diversity and anti-discrimination officers, is planned. The work of the junior research group is situated in the context of this development. The focus of the project is on the dimension of discrimination critique, which is normatively understood as the foundation of diversity policies and anti-discrimination work. The project seeks to explore how experiences of discrimination and the associated knowledge and capabilities, as well as marginalized perspectives, bodies of knowledge, and voices, can serve as starting points for transforming universities into inclusive and democratic spaces for education and science.

Project Leader: Dr. Aline Oloff, Technical University of Berlin