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Development and Testing of an Intervention to Improve Equal Opportunities for Underrepresented Groups...

..on the path towards greater diversity and gender equity in research, teaching, and healthcare within university medicine and life sciences.

"Diversity is not only a scientific topic for me but also a personal passion and a central concern. My scientific career and clinical work in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and sexual medicine have taken me deeper into the subject of diversity. Working with patients from diverse backgrounds and identities has encouraged me to engage more deeply with the challenges and needs of marginalized groups. From my perspective, diversity is not only an ethical obligation and a societal reality but also a valuable asset for science and medical research. By including the different experiences and perspectives of people, we can gain new insights and approaches to complex issues and better address the specific needs of all individuals."

Project Leader: Dr. Pichit Buspavanich, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin