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Strengthened and healthy through the doctoral thesis

Jun 01, 2023

This module uses creative methods from Positive Psychology and Happiness Research to enable you to better deal with doctoral-related stress. It strengthens your psychological resilience and supports you in dealing appropriately with the various challenges in the doctoral phase. You will learn how to assess symptoms and effectively prevent crisis development. A specially developed 3-week format with in-depth assignments following the exam is designed to guarantee that your insights from the exam are also implemented in your everyday work. A follow-up workshop at the end of the 3-week consolidation phase serves as a final reflection.

The event is addressed to (target group): doctoral students and postdocs
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Time & Location

Jun 01, 2023

Blockhaus Nicolscoe; Berlin Wannsee

Further Information

Dr. Meike Haken; Dr. Nicole Torjus
Email address: bua@zewk.tu-berlin.de