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Pitch of the Exploration Projects Social Cohesion

Aug 07, 2020

Grand Challenge Initiative Social Cohesion – Berlin University Alliance

The overarching aim of the Exploration Projects Social Cohesion is to understand the global conditions, dynamics, perspectives and limitations of social cohesion and to demonstrate potential structures that could provide solutions for a future society characterized by sustainable success and stability. The funding program supports research on topics that demand new and innovative methods, questions, directions and approaches. In pursuing this goal, the Berlin University Alliance wants to explicitly show its support of groundbreaking projects that employ new approaches. An additional aim of the Exploration Projects is the development of larger, long-term research groups.

The selection process is two-stage. Up to 15 proposals will be selected and invited to a project pitch. The PIs will present their projects to the selection committee.

Earliest start of funding: 01.09.2020
Duration: 3 years
Funding volume: up to 450,000 euros per annum

Contact persons

The central contacts for your questions are the academic coordinators of Steering Committee 1 at grand-challenges@berlin-university-alliance.de