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E-Assessment Alliance (EA²)

Oral and written assessments are an essential part of the study program, and teaching and assessment influence each other. Therefore, didactic and technical developments in teaching also affect the assessment system and generate new potentials for both facets of university education. There is particular development potential in the rapidly expanding field of electronic assessments (e-assessment), which not only offers new methods of assessment, but also brings with it changes in the framework conditions of assessment through the use of technology.

Within the framework of the EA2 project, the partner institutions are pursuing the goal of establishing uniform standards for didactic quality as well as common technological and logistical options. For this purpose, a regional assessment network is being set up with central coordination and decentralized organization and logistics. Thereby, the partner institutions pool their competences and make synergetic use of their technical and spatial resources.

The first step is to increase the use of digital assessment at all BUA institutions by providing operational and testing capacity. At the same time, a scalable and sustainable concept for electronic assessments will be designed, taking into account the specific previous experience as well as the available technical equipment. First, the existing core, management and support processes are evaluated in-house and reflected upon in an exchange with the partners. Based on this, (media-)didactic and logistical-organizational scenarios for conducting large-scale electronic assessments will be further developed in the medium term.

Under the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, entirely new challenges have also emerged for university assessment, the innovative potential of which the

E-Assessment Alliance will integrate into its concept of a regional assessment network. Electronic assessments, which are no longer conducted only on an in-person basis but also at a distance in one's own home, can ultimately only serve to enrich the future portfolio in the university assessment system.

The advantages of EA2 for the BUA's partner institutions include the harmonization of quality standards for assessment. Knowledge transfer in the context of assessments and the sharing of technical resources, for example, also function more efficiently. The project will sustainably position Berlin as a leading hub in the university landscape in the field of e-assessment and assurance of quality in digital teaching.


General requests:
Email: e-assessment@berlin-university-alliance.de