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BUA Joint Degree Programs

Existing and newly developed cooperative degree programs of the partners of the Berlin University Alliance can become BUA joint degree programs upon application. For this purpose, a degree program must be supported by at least two alliance partners and fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Societal challenges of global importance are addressed in the courses offered.
  2. The qualifications gained in the courses improve the student’s prospects in their future professional or academic career.
  3. Research-based education and the transfer of cutting-edge research are core elements of the curriculum.
  4. The courses offered feature an international dimension.
  5. The courses offered are interdisciplinary in nature.

If a joint degree program meets the criteria, it can be classified as a BUA degree program upon application by the lead institution.

The following BUA joint degree programs are currently offered:

The Berlin University Alliance is also funding the development of a new BUA Joint Degree program B.Sc. in Medical Data Science.

For the development of new cooperative study programs, the partner institutions have agreed on key points that are intended to enable the conceptual development of cross-university study programs within a manageable timeframe, their legally secure establishment, and their successful and mutually beneficial implementation.

Criteria and process for classifying study programs as special BUA study programs are outlined in a process description. An application may be submitted using the BUA Joint Degree Program / BUA Certificate Program Classification Form.

For more information on the certification process, please contact the BUA Office on Teaching and Learning.