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VIVO Talks!

Why and How to Invest in Open Research Infrastructure?

Research technology and infrastructure are to be open and community-owned, for science to thrive. This is why the non-profit initiative “Invest in Open Infrastructure” is dedicated to improve funding for open technologies supporting research and scholarship. Emmy Tsang, Engagement Lead at “Invest in Open Infrastructure”, pointed out what makes an infrastructure open and sustainable and how stakeholders and various communities can benefit from it. The presentation is available online (presentation). 

Research Infrastructure is demanded to be open and community-owned for research to flourish

Research Infrastructure is demanded to be open and community-owned for research to flourish
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“VIVO Talks!” with Emmy Tsang was held on October 13, 2022 from 1-2 pm CEST. The event series is hosted by the “VIVO Research Information Platform” project team at the Berlin University Alliance. 

About Emmy Tsang

Emmy Tsang is the Engagement Lead at Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI), a non-profit initiative dedicated to improving funding and resourcing for open technologies and systems. She also is a Co-Director at Open Life Science supporting individuals and stakeholders in research to become open science ambassadors.

Emmy Tsang served as Open Science Community and Engagement Manager at the Delft University of Technology. In this role, she was aiming at widening the adoption of open science practices across the university. Among others, she led communication and engagement efforts for the TU Delft Open Science Programme and managed the Open Science Community Delft

As Innovation Community Manager at eLife, Emmy Tsang helped to build a community of open source practitioners to advance the development of open-source tools and change the ways we consume, discover, share and evaluate research.


About Open Research Infrastructure

There is a demand for research infrastructure to be open and community-owned for research to flourish. Various initiatives across Europe and worldwide have been taken, for example by SPARC Europe, OpenAIRE, SCOSS, and Invest in Open Infrastructure.

IOI aims to provide evidence-based guidance to institutions and funders of open infrastructure, ultimately improving its funding and sustainability in ways aligned with the values of the institution itself – and not commercial interests (learn more about IOI). 

In “VIVO Talks!” Emmy Tsang pointed out what defines “infrastructure” in general and “open infrastructure” in particular in the understanding of IOI. Furthermore, she shed light on what makes a healthy research infrastructure and how stakeholders and various communities can benefit from it. The presentation from this session is available online (presentation). 


"VIVO Talks!" with Emmy Tsang was held on October 13, 2022 from 1-2 pm CEST

"VIVO Talks!" with Emmy Tsang was held on October 13, 2022 from 1-2 pm CEST
Image Credit: VIVO Research Information Platform

About “VIVO Talks!”

The online event series “VIVO Talks!” is designed to learn and exchange on key topics within the growing community around the “VIVO Research Information Platform”. In short, 60-minute sessions, the events gather professionals from research, libraries, research management, research infrastructure and many more. After hearing an insightful talk on a designated topic – e.g. open research infrastructure – the conversation is opened to all participants. Presentations and/or recordings of all sessions are publicly available after the event (previous sessions). 


About VIVO Research Information Platform 

Within the framework of the Berlin University Alliance, a platform is created to showcase research information in an interlinked way. Using the open source software VIVO, the developed research infrastructure allows to search and visualize research metadata across disciplines and institutions. In the current project phase until the end of 2023, the project team is collaborating with Clusters of Excellence in the Berlin area to map their interdisciplinary research projects and outputs (among others).

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the state of Berlin within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and the Länder.



Claudia Adam, Community Manager VIVO Platform

Email: claudia.adam@hu-berlin.de