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Shared Services Catalogue

Shared Services Catalogue is a two-year pilot project that covers all services relevant to researchers at the participating institutions.

What is it about?

Within the Berlin University Alliance, researchers are offered services from a wide variety of service institutions. These services are not limited to the offerings of the IT centers or libraries, but also include the structured services of the technical departments or the research service centers. In addition, equipment and other elements relevant to research, as well as consulting or training opportunities that may also benefit other scientists, should be included under the term "service". The goal and core idea of this project is to establish a service catalog for the distributed use of services in research to be able to mediate and enable shared infrastructure in the medium term by providing information and an easy-to-use usage framework.


The goal of the project is therefore a categorically structured catalog to make the offers of the individual institutions visible and comparable. In a second step, it should be possible to determine which services can be used across the board and in which areas there are further needs.

With a view to quality, effectiveness, and range of services, it seems reasonable to develop a service catalog with which researchers can easily access the services of other institutions. In addition, the service catalog will enable services to improve and complement each other through mutual agreements.

Project History

The joint pilot project of Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin was launched in June 2021. It is designed to run for two years. During the pilot phase, taxonomies will be defined that are necessary to represent the range of service offerings. On the other hand, initial offers from stakeholders at the Berlin institutions will be recorded to make them accessible in a prototypical catalog or to be able to test and analyze them.

Expected Results

A multi-institutional service catalog is a mammoth project. Based on the pilot project, further fields of action will be developed and recommendations made, including aspects such as an exchange of equivalents and the preparation of specifications.