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What is the selection process?

Projects are assessed as follows:

  1. An initial check for completeness of submitted documents and formal fulfillment of eligibility criteria is carried out by the Administrative Unit of the “Sharing Resources” Objective of the BUA. In case of formal deficiencies, the applicant will be asked to correct the deficiencies.
  2. After the initial check, all proposals will be assessed in a written review by two experts on the topic of research; one of the experts will be external to the BUA. Experts will be chosen in line with the regulations for preventing the effects of biases. Reviewers will also be asked to write a brief review summary which will be sent to the applicants.
  3. The review is based on scores and explanations of reviewers. These are based on the eligibility and evaluation criteria (see sections 4 and 6.2 of the Call for Proposals document).
  4. The selection committee will base their funding decision on the final numerical ranking created from the written and scored reviews. The funding decision will be documented.