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Own Events and Workshops

  • Contribution to the Love Data Week 2022, 18.02.2022
    • Presentation of preliminary results of the inventory and needs assessment on research data management carried out in the project “BUA-FDM” and the survey on the current state of the art at the service institutions of the universities carried out in the project “FDNext”.
  • Workshop „Research Data Management for (bio-) medical Sciences”, 24./25.03.2022, in cooperation with ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences.
    • The workshop provided an overview of the various aspects of research data management, general and subject-specific requirements, standards and recommendations, as well as information on relevant site-specific RDM services and infrastructures. The workshop content has been published in the Open Science Framework (OSF): DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/VEBMK.
  • Contribution to the Research Data Day 2022 at Freie Universität Berlin, 27.10.2022
    • Poster presentation of the results of the inventory and needs assessment on research data management conducted by the four BUA institutions in winter 2021/22. The poster is published on Zenodo (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7319386).
  • Contributions to the Love Data Week 2023, 16./17.02.2023
    • Workshop "Let's play Lego®! Reproduzierbare Forschung ganz praktisch erleben.": With the help of Lego, the reproducible documentation of data was tried out together with the participants.
    • Workshop " OpenRefine als Werkzeug im Forschungsdatenmanagement": The workshop presented the basic functionalities of the tool using three scenarios and datasets as examples. Participants could try out the tool by themselves and perform all the operations presented to them.
  • Organization of the network meeting on research data Berlin-Brandenburg in cooperation with FDM-BB, 02.05.2023