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Project Description

During the digital transformation of research, sustainable research data management (RDM) has become significantly more relevant. This encompasses the entire research data lifecycle, from the planning of a research project to the data collection, processing, analysis and documentation of the data to their long-term storage, archiving, and publication to make them reusable for follow-up projects and subsequent research.

In order to support researchers from the four partner institutions of the BUA throughout the entire research data lifecycle, the two-year project "Concept Development for Collaborative Research Data Management Services (BUA-FDM)", which was launched in 2021 and is part of Objective 5: Sharing Resources, aims to jointly establish and strengthen sustainable research data management structures. The central object is – based on a site-specific inventory and needs assessment – the conception of a network of multi-institutional sustainable research data management services. As part of this network, RDM-related communities of researchers will be built through topic and subject-specific event series and workshops. In addition, a concept is being developed for an RDM office that will serve as a point of coordination and connectivity for the institutions in the alliance in the field of research data management in order to bundle and coordinate site-specific and overarching services and to explore regional, national, and international connection possibilities, for example to the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). The specific RDM needs of clusters of excellence, collaborative research centers, and other joint projects form a further focus of the concept to be developed, which is to be implemented in a follow-up project in the future.