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COVID-19 and Transport (Berlin Mobility Data Hub)

The aim of the project COVID-19 and Transport (Berlin Mobility Data Hub) project is to create a digital data and knowledge platform for the systemic consolidation of Berlin-related data from passenger and freight traffic with special consideration of acquiring knowledge about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Berlin’s transport system.

Based on an extensive identification and systematic compilation of relevant data sources, the “Berlin Mobility Data Hub” will make transport and mobility-related data sets available to BUA researchers.

The Data Hub intends not only to integrate quantitative, publicly available data stocks, but also to integrate diverse complementary and framework data that serve to better contextualise individual data stocks. Beyond the function of informing and providing data, thematic dossiers as well as exemplary analyses are made available, which demonstrate the functioning and the Data Hub and its added value for research work.

Funded as part of the excellence strategy of the federal and governments through the Berlin Univsersity Alliance (BUA), the “Berlin Mobility Data Hub”, managed by Technische Universität Berlin (Cluster Mobility Research at the Department Work/Technology and Participation) and Freie Universität Berlin (Department of Business Informatics), aims to create a central knowledge platform that enables researchers, public institutions, policy makers and business actors to answer current and future transport-related questions.

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