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Task Forces

Task Force 1 develops tools and services that support open access to research data and publications. One aim here is on the networking of existing infrastructures and the development and advancement of beneficial use cases from the disciplines.

Task Force 2 renders large-scale equipment and other research infrastructures of the BUA partners discoverable, visible, and accessible. For example, the goal is to identify and further develop new opportunities for sharing research infrastructures. Moreover, it bundles the expertise of researchers to develop proposals for shareable resources and tools for research infrastructures.

Task Force 3 develops the formal and legal frameworks necessary to integrate and make accessible research infrastructures. This also includes solutions for cost allocation and reinvestment. For example, the “Pilot for Shared Services” project is exploring implementation conditions for a service catalog so that researchers can easily access the services of the other partner institutions. The project managers are Dr. Christoph Wall (Freie Universität Berlin) and Malte Dreyer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin). Another project entitled “Unterstützung gemeinsamer Forschungsbauten [Support for shared research buildings]” is concerned with adequately planning shared new buildings and conversions, adapting them to the needs of science, and carrying out all necessary coordination with the relevant authorities.