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In the Management Unit of the Berlin University Alliance, a three-person team coordinates the various Alliance projects in the areas of promoting talent and careers. The team works closely with many stakeholders from the partner institutions.

The steering committee consists of: Prof. Dr. Jutta Müller-Tamm (Freie Universität Berlin), adjunct Prof. Dr. Sabine Hunke (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Prof. Dr. Annette Mayer (Technische Universität Berlin), Dr. Katrin Jordan (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin).

Decentralized expert groups pool their expertise to manage sub-areas and implement projects at the partner institutions. They are actively supported by the respective administrative offices and project staff.

Contact Team Promoting Talent

Elisabeth Nickler

Elisabeth Nickler
Image Credit: Berlin University Alliance

Elisabeth Nickler, Acting Head of Team Promoting Talent
Tel.: +49 30 838-502 92
Email: elisabeth.nickler@berlin-university-alliance.de

Caroline Bacciu, Program Manager Promoting Talent
Tel.: +49 30 838-72549
E-Mail: caroline.bacciu@berlin-university-alliance.de

Tatiana Kharkova

Tatiana Kharkova
Image Credit: privat

Tatiana Kharkova, project coordinator Postdoc Academy
Tel.: +49 30 838-68391
Email: tatiana.kharkova@berlin-university-alliance.de

Klara Hartmann, Projektkoordinatorin Promoting Talent
Tel.: +49 30 838-919183
Email: klara.hartmann@berlin-university-alliance.de