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A Digital Research Space for the BUA


Project duration: 01/21 – 06/24

Participating institutions: Technische Universität Berlin

Principal investigators

  • Prof. Dr. Sonja Schimmler, Technische Universität Berlin

Project description:

The Berlin University Alliance generates immense scientific output in the form of publications, research data and other digital resources. So far, these diverse digital resources have been made available in the systems of the respective institutions and thus are distributed across several silos.

The research project „A Digital Research Space for the BUA“ aims to develop an open source platform for searching and exploring these digital resources. Using selected case studies, the use of the platform and in particular the analysis of the available digital resources is demonstrated. Within the framework of co-creation workshops, different stakeholders are involved, who jointly reflect on requirements and evaluate prototypes.

The Freie Universität Berlin and the Technische Universität Berlin are cooperating on the project. The Technische Universität Berlin is responsible for the prototypical implementation of the platform and the implementation of the case studies. Accompanying this, the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) research group at Freie Universität Berlin is investigating the role of digital research environments in research processes and is conducting the co-creation workshops.

The prototype of the platform can be found at the following link: Berlin Open Science Portal


  • Prof. Dr. Sonja Schimmler, Department of Telecommunication Systems, Chair for Open Distributed Systems, Research Data Infrastructure Group, Technische Universität Berlin


  • Daniel Sivizaca Conde, Technische Universität Berlin

E-Mail: sivizaca.conde@tu-berlin.de

  • Sefika Efeoglu, Technische Universität Berlin

E-Mail: sefika.efeoglu@tu-berlin.de