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Digital Network for University Collections


Project duration: 10/20 – 09/26

Participating institutions: Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Principal investigator:

  • Dr. Yong-Mi Rauch, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Project description

The Berlin University Alliance holds more than 100 collections that are decentralized located across all institutions of the alliance. The broad variety of contents and materials provides descriptive and cross-disciplinary resources of knowledge for teaching, research and communication with the public. How can these collections be evaluated in a systematic way and what do they offer in detail?

It was difficult to find an overview to these local structures until now. The project Digital Network for University Collections has activated and supported initiatives for digitizing collections since 2021. The focus is on connecting the single collections to overcome boundaries within subjects and institutions. A main task is the development of a collection platform to grant access to information about these collections and to support transfer of knowledge. Other important tasks include counceling, IT support, model projects and community events. These services are open to any collection within the Berlin University Alliance. The main goal is to develop the competence of collection holders and enhance the degree of digitization.

A document with recommended procedures has been developed by all members of the project and it forms the basis for further work programs. The project blog provides current informations about case studies, software evaluation and cooperations.

Principal investigator and coordination:

  • Dr. Yong-Mi Rauch, Head of the Historical Collections Department / University Library Humboldt-Universität

E-Mail: yong-mi.rauch@ub.hu-berlin.de

Steering Committee:

  • Dr. Stefanie Klamm, Collection Coordinator Freie Universität

E-Mail: klamm@ub.fu-berlin.de

  • Dr. Oliver Zauzig, Collection Coordinator Humboldt-Universität
Email: oliver.zauzig@hu-berlin.de
  • Jürgen Christof, Director of the University Library Technischen Universität
E-Mail: juergen.christof@tu-berlin.de
  • Beate Kunst, Provisional head of the Charité Museum of Medical History

E-Mail: beate.kunst@charite.de

Project team:

  • Dr. Meike Knittel, Collection expertise and networking

E-Mail: meike.knittel.1@hu-berlin.de

  • Dr. Michael Müller, IT-infrastructure and technologies
E-Mail: michael.mueller@hu-berlin.de
  • Julian Seeberger, Collection digitization and knowledge management

E-Mail: julian.seeberger@hu-berlin.de