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Marina Kosmalla

Website editor

Jul 29, 2020

Marina Kosmalla

Marina Kosmalla
Image Credit: Bernd Wannenmacher

What happens within the Berlin University Alliance? What topics are being addressed? Which projects are being funded? It’s not easy keeping track of four renowned partners, five overarching objectives, three major cross-cutting themes and the many researchers and employees across the individual institutions who are responsible for bringing the Berlin excellence alliance to life. A good starting point for those interested is the Berlin University Alliance website, which has been coordinated by Marina Kosmalla since February.

Marina, what is the most interesting section on the website?

That’s not so easy to say. You will of course learn something interesting about the Berlin University Alliance in every section. In any case, the news section is where the most action is. This is where we provide brief and up-to-date reports on calls for proposals, funding, awards, collaborations, and much more. You can delve deeper into a specific topic in our “Impressions” section. In the articles and interviews we report on projects and events in more detail and let those involved have their say. Which areas of research deal with social cohesion, for example, or how are students involved in the society alongside their studies?

The pages on the individual objectives and cross-cutting themes are also interesting. They are effectively at the core of the excellence alliance, and are being built up step by step. So, there’s a lot happening here right now. The second Grand Challenge Initiative on the topic of Global Health, for example, begins this year. In Objective 2: Fostering Knowledge Exchange, new processes and forms of exchange with politics, culture, and society are in being developed.

A good overview of how the Board of Directors, administrative units, executive board, and staff departments work together is demonstrated quite clearly by the Alliance’s clear organization.

How do you learn about the individual topics and projects?

The varied levels of communication function well together. All information flows into the Administrative Office, which acts as a connecting link between the management of the Alliance and the objectives. The administrative units also provide information on new projects so that collective communication can be determined.

The Berlin University Alliance still finds itself in a state of development and change. Can this also be seen on the website?

Yes, the website itself is always changing. The projects are picking up speed and the online presence is growing as activity increases. We first had to explain what the Berlin University Alliance actually is and what its goals are. There has been so much going on within the Alliance’s framework in the meantime, and so many people are involved. This is what we want to put in the foreground.