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Questions about the selection process

The proposals are reviewed by an expert committee. This committee consists of 8 members: 4 professors, 2 research assistants and 2 students.

The expert committee has equal representation of the four partners of the Berlin University Alliance (Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Charité). In addition, care was taken to ensure a balanced gender ratio and professional diversity among the members.

The expert committee reviews the proposals on the basis of a set of criteria. Points are awarded for each criterion.

No, the review criteria are not published. However, they are implicitly included in the instructions for the project outline. So we strongly recommend that you read these instructions and consider them in your application.

An overall score is determined for each proposal. For each proposal, the points of the different reviewers are added up. Those proposals that have scored the highest number of points will be recommended for funding.

The expert committee makes a funding recommendation based on the points awarded. This recommendation is forwarded to the Steering Committee "Teaching and Learning" which makes the final funding decision.

The X-Tutorials are still in the pilot phase, so various processes have yet to be established and routines have yet to emerge. For this reason, it is not possible at this point to say when you will receive your funding notification. However, we expect to be able to inform you in about ten to twelve weeks after the submission deadline.

8 X-Tutorials will be selected and funded per Call for Proposals. Due to the available funds, more tutorials cannot be funded or can only be funded in exceptional cases, i.e. if remaining funds are available in the respective funding year.