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Digitale transformation of public health departments in crisis

Tutors: Nina Sophie Schlömer and Laura von Welczeck, Freie Universität Berlin

Affiliation and supervision: Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin

The corona crisis demonstrated the critical role that digitization in public healthcare plays in protecting the lives of all members of society. At the same time, the shortcomings of health digitalization in Germany are clearly visible. To counteract this, the federal government is now funding the digital transformation of public health departments (Gesundheitsämter) with 4 billion euros. In our X-Tutorial, we want to analyze the tensions that arise during the digital transformation of public health departments by applying self-selected interdisciplinary perspectives. Together, we conduct independent qualitative research.

The tutorial is primarily intended for master’s students, though bachelor students with experience in scientific work are also welcome. We especially address students of computer, health or social science, economics and psychology, but students from other disciplines are welcomed as well.


Seminar times: Every week on Thursdays, 2-4 pm
Location: Facilities of the business and economics department of FU Berlin (Garystr. 21, 14195 Berlin), Lecture hall 104a
First Session: The first session will be held online on October 21, 2021 from 2-4 pm (c.t.). 

Link: https://fu-berlin.webex.com/meet/nina.schloemer