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How to particpate in an X-Student Research Group

X-Student Research Groups are research teams consisting of junior scientists and students. Doctoral students or postdocs bring their own research into the classroom during the research seminars. All students of the four partners of the Berlin University Alliance can participate.

Students receive credit points for their participation. The X-Student Research Groups are mostly offered as one-semester projects; for some projects, two-semester participation is also possible. Students can only take one X-Student Research Group and earn credit points here. The number of participants is limited to 15 per project.

How can I participate in an X-Student Research Group in the winter semester 2021?

  1. You have found an X-Student Research Group in the project overview that interests you?
  2. Come to the first session (online or in the classroom, as indicated in the project announcement) in the first week of the semester. Alternatively, please email the instructor (see project description for contact) to find out when and how the first X-Student Research Group session will be held.
  3. If you decide to participate in the X-Student Research Group after the introductory session, please notify the instructor of your binding interest in participating by 10/22/2021 18:00.
  4. If there are more than 15 interested students, places will be drawn. The instructor will inform you on 10/25 if you have received a place.
  5. If you have received a place, please check: Is the X-Student Research Group offered at a different associate institution than the one at which you are enrolled? 
  6. If not, no further steps are required to enroll.
  7. If it is, you must enroll as a BUA student at the offering institution. 

After processing by the BUA office, you will receive access to the in-house systems such as the respective learning platform of the affiliated institution. The congestion as a BUA student is valid for one semester. For more information, please contact the BUA office staff.