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What are possible contributions at the conference?


Short presentation

Student research may be presented at the conference in a short talk. The presentation should last approximately 10 to 15 minutes. With subsequent plenary discussion, presenters will have a maximum of 20 minutes in total.

Media/artistic/creative contribution

Student research may be presented as part of a media, artistic, creative, or artifact-based contribution. In the case of a lecture-type presentation format, the time specifications for short presentations apply, i.e., 20 minutes total (10 to 15 minutes presentation followed by discussion). In the case of other forms of presentation, please note: Space is very limited, so you may need to resort to the use of QR codes for mobile devices. If you are considering a more specific form of presentation, please contact the StuROPx team before submitting your contribution to clarify what can be done and how: sturop@berlin-university-alliance.de