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Specific compensation of test persons

What do I have to consider if I want to compensate volunteers in my StuROPx project?

Step 1: Work in cash and with receipt

  • Some of you are planning to pay test persons in your project (e.g. in the context of experiments).
  • In StuROPx, we work with the following arrangement: Leaders of X-Student Research Groups or X-Tutorials pay the fees in cash and ask the test persons to sign a receipt stating that they have received x amount of money from you.
  • It is important to note that this receipt should include the name and the ID number.
  • If you pay more than one test person, please use a tabular form (column 1: last name, column 2: first name, column 3: ID number, column 4: signature).

Step 2: Fill out reimbursement request

Step 3: Submit reimbursement request to the StuROPx team

  • Please name the document as follows:

    Groups/ Tuts_YOUR LAST NAME YOUR FIRST NAME_Test Person Compensation.
    e.g. Groups/ Tuts_MUSTERMANN MICHAEL_Test Person Compensation

  • Please submit the reimbursement request electronically via upload rather than via email, following the instructions for uploads in StuROPx.

Specific case: Anonymous test persons

If the test persons remain anonymous in the study, portals established specifically for this purpose can also be used (e.g. Prolific). In this case, too, reimbursement requests must be used. Instead of receipts, an invoice and a bank statement must be submitted. You can find more information on this on the intranet page on the subject of reimbursement requests.