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What do I need to consider before spending material funds on my StuROPx project?


Spending on invoice - Where possible, always spend material funds on invoice

  • The administration of the material funds in StuROPx is done centrally at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. For this reason, the accounting guidelines of the Humboldt University must be followed.
  • According to these guidelines you have to purchase your expenses on invoice. This means: You will receive an invoice for your expenses, which will not be paid by you in advance, but directly from the central accounting office of the Humboldt University.
  • For the invoice you have to use the following billing address:

    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    zentraler Rechnungseingang
    PSP-Element: A.00024.00.416000
    Unter den Linden 6
    10099 Berlin

  • Please make sure that the following additional information or references appear on the invoice to facilitate the allocation at the central accounting office:
    "Invoice within the X-Student Research Group/ the X-Tutorial by First Name Last Name of the lecturer".   
  • Finally, please submit the invoice as a pdf to the StuROPx team.
  • Please do not submit the invoice via email, but electronically via upload, following the instructions for uploads in StuROPx.

Reimbursement requests only in exceptional cases - reimbursement of private expenses cannot be guaranteed!

  • Following the guidelines of the accounting department of the Humboldt University, the reimbursement of private expenses is only possible in exceptional cases, i.e. only in cases where an acquisition or expenditure is NOT possible via invoice.
  • If you pay for purchases yourself for no apparent reason, there is no guarantee that you will be reimbursed. So you must have a good reason why you had to pay for something yourself and could not use an invoice.
  • If it is really not possible to do it any other way, you can get the expenses reimbursed via reimbursement request. In order not to make any mistakes, please take a look at the exemplary filled reimbursement request.
  • Please note that only expenses of the same type can be claimed in one reimbursement request. For example, if you purchased tickets for a museum visit and also incurred cash expenses as part of a test person compensation, please separate these expenses. In such cases, create several reimbursement requests. This is because entrance fees and test person compensation each have their own cost type and cannot be billed together.
  • The original receipts must be submitted with the reimbursement request, i.e. cash register receipts or similar. If you have paid digitally, attach a bank statement to the order. Important: This bank statement must be from your bank (not Paypal or similar).
  • Please combine the refund request and the receipts as one pdf, i.e. as one document.
  • Please do not submit the refund request via email, but electronically via upload and follow the instructions for uploads in StuROPx.