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Workshop: Doing Research with Societal Actors – Why and How?

Workshop leader:
Dr. Ina Opitz, Research Forum Officer of the Berlin University Alliance

Date, time and location:


Transdisciplinarity is a research approach in which scientists* work together with societal actors* on jointly set questions. In doing so, practical knowledge and scientific knowledge are integrated in such a way that new knowledge emerges. A basic assumption of transdisciplinarity is that this method-guided, integrating work and the insights gained from it contribute even better to solving societal challenges.

In the workshop, participants will learn about and apply the basics of transdisciplinary thinking and acting. Central questions are: What is transdisciplinarity? When does transdisciplinary research make sense? Does my research topic have the potential to be worked on with societal actors or how should it be tailored? Which societal actors do I need to work on my topic? How can I make the collaboration productive?

The workshop consists of impulses, exercises and joint reflections on the results.