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Workshop: (Anti-)Discrimination in the Context of Higher Education

Workshop leader: 
Sumona Dhakal, trainer for anti-discrimination with focus on racism in higher education and development cooperation

Date, time and location:

  • Date: 19.02.2024
  • Time: 09:30 - 16:30 
  • Location: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, seminar building: Hausvogteiplatz 5-7, seminar room 0202 on the 2nd floor.


The one-day training on "(anti-)discrimination in the context of higher education" aims to raise awareness, provide a space of exchange and peer-support for people teaching/facilitating in educational settings. People in educational contexts that have not yet (due to their disciplinary field of research) reflexively worked on the topic, are encouraged to take part.

We will start with an introduction to basic concepts of (anti-)discrimination with a focus on epistemic violence and structural racism. Critical perspectives on the (dilution of the) concepts of ‘diversity’ and inclusion will play a central role.  In this first phase, we will talk about prevention possibilities (considering the potential of reproducing, methods for dealing with & sensitizing the space) and elaborate together practical implementations for your own seminar. 

The next phase will provide an exchange space to talk about experiences made or observed (in the seminar or in other academic spaces) around discrimination-related power dynamics & different positionalities. Peer-support strategies and intervention strategies for challenging situations will be discussed. As part of a final reflection, the seminar concept for the upcoming semester can be adapted to be more discrimination-sensitive, power-critical and inclusive. The seminar is intended to provide initial impulses for (independent) in-depth reflection on the topics of epistemic violence, educational justice and intersectional educational work, as well as their practical application.2 weeks prior to the seminar, you will receive information on short texts to prepare as well as an interactive exercise by e-mail. Please indicate your language preference (EN/DE) for the seminar when registering.

Registration (until 12.2.2024)