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How to submit the documents?


Step 1: Merge documents into one pdf document.

  • Once you have signed and completed the forms, then merge the documents into one pdf file in the order listed above (i.e., the teaching assignment application first, then the consent form, etc.).
  • Please name this file as follows:

    Groups_YOUR LAST NAME YOUR FIRST NAME_application teaching assignment
    e.g. Groups_ MUSTERMANN MICHAEL_application teaching assignment

Step 2: Submitting the pdf document via upload

  • Please do not submit the document via email, but electronically via upload by uploading the document to our HU box using the following link:

    UPLOAD-LINK X-Student Research Groups:


  • You can find out exactly how the upload works in our How-to upload in StuROPx. Here you will also find further instructions on how the documents should be named, how and in which format they should be uploaded.