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How to submit the documents?


Step 1: Create pdf files

  • All forms are available as pdf documents. Therefore, please fill out the forms digitally and sign them digitally as well.
  • Please scan all other required documents so that they are also available as pdf documents.

Step 2: Merge pdf files

Please then merge the documents as one pdf file in the following order:

  1. Personnel questionnaire SHK
  2. Declaration of previous periods of service (exclusively related to SHK activities)
  3. Curriculum vitae (important: signed and dated)
  4. Certificates of achievement (credit points from the current course of study)
  5. Certificate of enrollment from the current semester
  6. Declaration of secondary activities/ employment

Step 3: name the merged pdf file

Please name the merged pdf file as follows:

e. g. Tuts_ MUSTERMANN MICHAEL_employment SHK

Step 4: Submitting the pdf document via upload

  • Please do not submit the document via email, but electronically via upload by uploading the document to our HU box using the following link:

    UPLOAD-LINK X-Tutorials:


  • You can find out exactly how the upload works in our How-to upload in StuROPx. Here you will also find further instructions on how the documents should be named, how they should be uploaded and in which format they should be uploaded.