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Open Data Impact Award of the Stifterverband

With the Open Data Impact Award, the Stifterverband awards a prize to strengthen Open Data in science. The application deadline for all submissions is July 10, 2022.

News from May 23, 2022

Open data has great potential for innovation. Everyone benefits from the subsequent use of research data: science, when data sets can be reviewed and further developed by other researchers. But society also benefits when innovations emerge from data. However, this practice is not yet practiced everywhere in everyday science. Barriers include insufficient resources, existing reputation mechanisms, and lack of knowledge.

What the award offers:

- A total funding amount of 30,000 euros, distributed among three award winners.

- Visibility for award winners and topic through media and public relations, portrait of award winners by media partner DUZ

- Networking in the Open Science Community

Scientists (or research groups) from all disciplines at universities or non-university research institutions based in Germany who have made their research data open and enabled an innovative reuse outside of science or who demonstrate the potential for a societal impact through reuse of their data are eligible to apply.

The deadline for all submissions is July 10, 2022.

For more information on the call and to link to the application, visit https://www.stifterverband.org/innosci/open-data-impact-award


Anna Held, Program Manager at Program and Funding and at innOsci, the Open Innovation Culture Forum.

Mail: Anna.Held@stifterverband.de

Phone: 030 322982-538

Stifterverband - Berlin Capital Office

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