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Berlin Open GLAM: Open-Access-Praktiken in Berlins Kulturerbeinstitutionen [Open Access Practices in Berlin's Cultural Heritage Institutions]

Workshop on April 26, 2022, 9.30 a.m. -12:00 noon

News from Apr 19, 2022

The Open Access Office Berlin organizes this workshop jointly with You, We & Digital and the Research and Competence Center Digitalization Berlin (digiS), which is particularly interested in the question of how a closer interaction of a nationwide initiative for open research can be reconciled with the goals of cultural heritage institutions and which cooperation needs and potentials are seen in particular with universities and higher education institutions. The workshop builds, among other things, on results of the project “Berlin Open Research and Culture”, supported by the Berlin University Alliance, You, We & Digital and, in particular, the consultation conducted in this context, which surveyed scientific and cultural state institutions in Berlin on important fields of work, on existing and planned activities, and on the values and principles of openness in science. The workshop is open to anyone interested.

More detailed information about the event and registration