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Research Integrity

The Berlin University Alliance promotes measures to strengthen research integrity among its partners, including adherence to standards of good scientific practice - methodological rigor depending on the discipline, transparency, reproducibility, as well as the integration of open science practices, and thus the promotion of a research culture characterized by openness and the dialogue across disciplines, houses and status groups.

To this end, BUA cooperates with partners within and outside the Berlin research area, organizes events, trainings and education (trainings, lecture series, summer schools) and supports the activities of ombudspersons at BUA institutions and beyond.

Ombudspersons are independent scientists who "(...) act as neutral and qualified contact persons on questions of good scientific practice and in suspected cases of scientific misconduct and, as far as possible, contribute to solution-oriented conflict mediation (...)." (DFG Kodex, 2019, Guideline 6 Ombudspersons, p.12 f.).

Ombudspersons exist in all BUA partners. They have both an advisory and mediating role and can be consulted by all members of the respective university, e.g. on questions concerning

  • good scientific practice
  • conflicts of authorship
  • supervision conflicts
  • abuse of power

Ombudspersons at BUA

All inquiries to ombudspersons are kept strictly confidential.

Instead of the ombudspersons of the BUA partners, the Ombudsgremium für wissenschaftliche Integrität in Deutschland (previously „Ombudsman für die Wissenschaft“) can also be consulted in case of questions and conflicts in the area of good scientific practice. The committee was established as an independent advisory body by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is open to all scientists in Germany.

Statutes on Good Scientific Practice of the BUA partners

Good Scientific Practice

In the following, you will find a small selection of further links to central guidelines and good practice examples as well as standards in the field of research quality and open science. This list represents only a selection of the numerous recommendations in this area and focuses largely on cross-disciplinary recommendations. If you miss key recommendations from your specific disciplines here, please feel free to contact the CORe team. We look forward to your comments!

1. Guidelines / Recommendations: General

2. Guidelines: Open Science

3. Guidelines: Metrics

4. Guidelines: Assessment