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Facing legal Challenges – World Café as part of the Postdoc Appreciation Week

19.09.23, 10:30-13:00

Berlin, Humboldt-Graduate School, Luisenstr. 56

BUA Postdoc Academy Kick-Off

BUA Postdoc Academy Kick-Off
Image Credit: Simon Brunel – Limo for Research

Legal challenges (WissZeitVG, BerlHG) bother postdocs nationwide. As part of this year's Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW), we invite you to get in contact with experts from science and politics. After the experts have each given their input, you will have the opportunity to talk intensively with a speaker in three rounds, ask questions or exchange perspectives.  

Your hosts will be:  

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schneider, Member of the BUA Executive Board and Vicepresident of HU Berlin
  • Dr. Thorsten Wilhelmy, Managing Director Einstein Foundation Berlin
  • Dr. Jana Lüdtke, Member of the BUA Postdoc Academy Council and Member of the Academic Senate of FU Berlin as a representative for early- and mid-career researcher 
  • Dr. Michael Wetzels, associated Postdoc at TU Berlin and co-department chair of the SPD-Wilhelmstadt
  • A representative from the Berlin Senate will also be present!

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