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Call for proposals: Career Development Awards

The call is closed.

  • Start of application period: June 3, 2021
  • Deadline for applications: July 8, 2021
  • Earliest funding date: October 1, 2021
  • Funding period: six months (one full semester)

When working as a Postdoc at a chair, early-career researchers do not always have the time required to focus on their own research. This is due to the many tasks and responsibilities they have in the day-to-day reality of a university. At this crucial stage of their careers, however, it is essential to continue developing a research profile and identity – especially when aiming for a professorship or another academic leadership position.

Having more time for research is considered a precious gift, whether to finally finish a paper, learn a new method, or establish a collaboration with a research group abroad. More time, freedom, and sometimes even a change of perspective can have the effect of improving research quality and output.

The “Career Development Awards” is a new funding scheme under the banner of the Berlin University Alliance, created specifically for the postdoctoral researchers of its member institutions. Applicants from all academic disciplines are eligible to apply. Awardees are granted paid academic leave, allowing them to focus completely on a research project of their choosing. This “project” does not necessarily have to be something new, but should have the potential to boost the applicant’s (academic) career. Accordingly, the “Career Development Awards” scheme – which falls under Objective 4: Promoting Talent – ultimately aims at promoting the career advancement of excellent early-career researchers from the four Alliance partners.

To ensure the highest possible benefit, recipients of the award will be relieved of all institutional obligations such as teaching. Additional funds for material expenses during the research semester can be applied for. While the Postdoc continues to receive a salary payment, the BUA will cover the costs of hiring a substitute for the member institution. Applicants must have positions that are fully financed through budgetary funds. The Alliance plans to establish an extended funding option for Postdocs whose positions are partially or fully funded by third parties.

In order to foster exchange between BUA member institutions and its researchers, projects of a collaborative nature and/or including mobility are highly welcome. To ensure equality and diversity, we especially welcome applications from qualified women and other individuals fulfilling diversity criteria (e.g. disabled candidates, first generation, migration background, etc.). The research semester will take place in the fall term 2021/22. The next call for proposals (for research semesters in 2022) will be published soon.

Interested postdoctoral researchers are invited to send their applications via email (in a single PDF document) to: promoting-talent@berlin-university-alliance.de

By submitting an electronic application, you acknowledge that your data are saved and processed.

Presentation of the information session on June 14, 2021

Necessary documents

In case of questions please contact:
Verena Neumann, Program Manager Promoting Talent
Email: promoting-talent@berlin-university-alliance.de