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Yes, but the applying consortium may not consist exclusively of SoMis.

Furthermore, the spokespersons of the requesting consortium must be from the research group, i.e. professors and WiMis.

The applying consortium does not have to be constituted as a formal collaborative project (in the sense of an institutionalized research group). The term "consortium" refers to a functioning community of scientists who are already working together on a specific topic and to whom the planned experimental laboratory is to be linked.

Applicants must be assigned to cost centers as recipients of funds. Therefore, it must be ensured, that they are a member of one of the four BUA partners for the entire duration of the project - i.e. that they have a contract.

Temporary employees can be identified as project participants (co-applicants or cooperation partners), this applies especially to doctoral students.

Persons who are employed through the project funds are not applicants. Note: In general the positions must be advertised.

In the best case, the application should be submitted via the supervising person who is employed at one of the four member institutions of the Berlin University Alliance and who therefore acts as applicant (keyword: cost center).

In principle, each WiMi and each SoMi, if it is affiliated during the project period and has a cost center in one of the four BUA houses, can act as a tandem partner for the call for proposals by becoming part of the experimental laboratory as applicant.

The focus of this call for proposals is the development and implementation of new formats and methods, which will be made available to the Berlin Research Foundation after the end of the project.

A further call is not yet planned; but is not excluded.