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Greening Africa Together CO2 compensation committee (GATo CCC)


Applicants: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Mithöfer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Dr. Carl-Friedrich Schleußner (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Ziegler (Technische Universität Berlin), Prof. Dr. Hilaire Bertrand (University of Dschang), Dr. Valentine Yapi-Gnaoré (International Centre of research and development on breeding in sub-humid zone – CIRDES), Dr. Salifou Ouedrago (Institute for Rural development – IRD)

Climate protection projects to offset greenhouse gases ideally combat climate change and contribute to sustainable development, especially in the Global South, but why do these have to be (at high cost) certified by auditors from the Global North? The pan-African university and NGO network Greening Africa Together would like to change this in cooperation with the Berlin University Alliance. The aim is to develop an Africa-based certification of climate protection projects with locally adapted standards, criteria, and indicators in order to enable African universities and local and international student teams to carry out sustainable, integrated climate protection and development projects with local communities and NGOs and to finance them as compensation projects.