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Berlin sucht den Sciencefluencer

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Professional training to become a Sciencefluencer.

We offer you a professional training to become a Sciencefluencer.
Become a social media professional in 6 months, build a community, get invitations to exclusive events in Berlin's research landscape and win prize money of up to 3,000 euros

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The continuing education program starts in October 2023 and runs until May 31, 2024.
It is designed to be completed while working/studying. (see below for more information).


  • You get visibility in your scientific community.

  • Comments, questions, and recommendations from your peers will help you advance professionally.

  • The proof of experience in science communication and knowledge exchange is increasingly an important criterion for the funding probability of research projects up to appointment procedures.

  • The exchange with an interested public increases your self-reflection and broadens your horizon.

  • You gain a professional perspective on your activities

  • You will acquire skills and insights that will polish your CV in the field of digital competencies.

  • You can use the acquired skills everywhere, maybe you have other interests that would also benefit from your new social media competence.


Starting in October 2023, 8 mornings (approx. 4 hours) will take place as group sessions over the course of half a year.
In addition, participants will receive two hours of individual coaching. This adds up to approximately 6 hours/month.

In addition to these appointments, you will need to schedule enough time to write at least two posts each week during the program. Depending on your prior knowledge and channel, this may take different amounts of time. Over time, this will become easier and take less time. You'll also interact with your followers, answering questions, liking comments, commenting on others' posts, etc.  

We will also invite you to exciting events of the Berlin science community and would be happy if you can participate in at least three events. And of course you should be present at the award ceremony!

As you can see, setting up your social media channel professionally is not an easy task. But it can change your life forever :-) And it is a lot of fun!


Berlin sucht den Sciencefluencer is (also) a competition. The most successful participant will receive 3.000,- Euro prize money,
2nd and 3rd place will receive 2.000,- and 1.000,- Euro prize money respectively.

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until the 01.10.2023*: