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Berlin sucht den Sciencefluencer

Berlin is looking for the Sciencefluencer 2024!

More than 130 students, PhD students, postdocs and professors applied during the summer for this training program, after a hard selection these are the 15 participants!

Sciencefluencers 2024

Sciencefluencers 2024

Luis Fernando Amato Lourenco: FU, Environmental Engineer, Microplastic researcher

Ewa Andrzejak: Charité, Neuroscience Researcher

Anja Bergmann: FU, Communication and Cognition in Bats

Maria Berruezo Llacuna: HU, Molekulare Medizin, Genome Diversification & Integrity

Pedro Augusto Dantas de Moraes: Charité, Diagnostic and interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Fernando Gago Encinas: FU, Theoretical Physics, Quantum Dynamics and Control Group

Stefanie Giljohann: TU, Forensic Psychology

Lena Masch:  FU, Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science, Project CliWaC

Sascha Kurz: HU, Biology Education Research

Narges Panjalipoursangari: TU, Continuum Mechanics and Material Theory

Sofia Pazzagli: HU, Physics, Integrated Quantum Nanophotonics

Eilís Perez: Charité, Neuropathology

Leonie Reuter: FU, Disaster Research Institut (DRU), Sociology of Climate Change

Anne-Sophie Sinnigen: TU, Biotechnology

Jasmin Wiefek: TU, Interdisciplinary Transformation and Sustainability Sciences

Now, over a period of six months, they will learn all the tricks and tools to build a successful professional social media presence and become visible in the scientific community.

The program is designed so that it can be completed alongside study or work obligations, regardless of location. The candidates will participate in the following month to countless events, talks, but also they will communicate their daily scientific contribution. 

Keep yourself updated and have a look at what they are up to.You can add them to your LinkedIn network by clicking on their names. 

At the end of the 6 months we will select the best Sciencefluencer 2024!