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What does „transdisciplinary“ mean?

Transdisciplinarity is an integrative research approach that addresses societal problems through interdisciplinary collaborations as well as cooperation between researchers and non-scientific/non- academic partners. Ideally, the knowledge of the various actors is already incorporated into the description of challenges and the definition of research questions. The goals are 1) to enable and foster mutual learning processes between science and society and 2) to integrate the knowledge of all involved actors (scientific knowledge as well as practical knowledge for action).

Recommend readings:
Jahn, T., Bergmann, M. & Keil, F. (2012). Transdisciplinarity: Between mainstreaming and marginalization. Ecological Economics, 79, 1-10.
Network for Transdisciplinary Research: further information on transdisciplinary research.

A webinar on trandisciplinary research is planned for interested applicants on May 28 and June 14 (both 10-11:30 am). The Webinar is offered by the team of the measure „Research Forums“ Objective 2: Fostering Knowledge Exchange. The Webinar will be held in English.
Registration: Please send an email with the subject line "Registration Webinar" to globalhealth-forum@berlin-university-alliance.de and include your name, your organization, and the date you would like to attend.
The number of participants is limited. We ask for an early and binding registration. If the webinar is fully booked, we will put you on a waiting list and let you know if a place becomes available.